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Public Records Request


The Public Records Act (PRA), chapter 42.56 RCW, requires that all public records as defined in the PRA are subject to public disclosure, unless an exemption from disclosure in the PRA or in some other statute applies. Vashon Health Care District is committed to upholding the basic principles behind the state’s public records act which are that:

  1. the records belong to the people;

  2. local governments are merely the stewards of those records;

  3. records should be provided to requestors if statutory exemptions or prohibitions do not clearly apply.

    After printing out and signing request form, please mail to: PO Box 213, Vashon WA 98070

Tim Johnson

I have been a resident of  Vashon island since 2009.  My previous background was in frozen foods operations and brand management, but on Vashon I found a new calling in the nonprofit and public service sector. 

I have chaired the Vashon Maury Island Community Council, served on the board of Vashon Be Prepared, been a member of the Vashon Maury Health Collaborative, and served on the executive committee for the campaign to create this very Health District. 

Professionally, I have had the immense honor and pleasure of being the business manager for Granny’s Attic for the past eleven years. 

I’m a people person, and if we haven’t met, we should fix that immediately!